Why Curbing Your Sweet Tooth Will Help You Kiss Pre-diabetes Goodbye

How Do You Handle Your Sweet Tooth?

I will admit to being  a sugarholic in the not too distant past. However, I could not do that now. Over the past 7 years, I have retrained my taste buds. Now, very  sweet things do not taste as good to me. I am satisfied with just a small amount of sweets if any.

Sweets for teeth by sophie

I am not saying I don’t eat foods with added sugar. I do. My wife, Lynn, distracts me with her baking. However, the goodies I enjoy these days are barely sweetened. They contain only a fraction of the sugar you’ll find in the commercial varieties. Many of these foods, such as candies,  jellies, yogurt with fruit, and soft drinks, are too sweet for my taste now. I have no problem resisting them.

I can see how my kids have become sugaholics. My efforts to impress upon them why I decided to curb my sweet tooth only works sometimes. However, they don’t bring me my favorite chocolate or candy when they come back from a trip as often as they did in the past.

Change Your Taste Preferences

You can change your taste preferences too, regardless of how much you love sweets. Sweet tolerance, like salt tolerance, is a matter of changing a habit.

You can change yours by choosing foods that are not very sweet or rich and taking a pass on high calorie desserts and snacks. You can be satisfied with nutritious choices that are lower in calories.

This dietary change, like any other changes you’re making in the process of reversing your pre-diabetes, is best done gradually. Give your taste buds a chance to adjust and become more sensitive to sweetness. Try fresh fruit and snacks with reduced amounts of sugar. Some recipes can take a 50 to 75% reduction in sugar and still come out tasting great.

Acquire a taste for Foods That Are Not Very Sweet

Don’t make the mistake I made by substituting honey for sugar. Honey has just as many calories as sugar, and it isn’t any healthier. You may save some calories when you use fewer sweeteners. However, the point is not to save calories. The point is to learn to like foods that aren’t very sweet. That way, when you come across a very sweet treat, you won’t be tempted to eat much of it, if at all.

Artificial Sweeteners Perpetuate Your Cravings

Artificial sweeteners simply perpetuate your craving for very sweet foods. Experiments on animals have shown that artificial sweeteners may also cause your body’s set point, the level of weight you maintain when you do nothing to control it, to be higher. The more like the “real thing” an artificial sweetener tastes, the more effective it is at raising the body’s set point.

No artificial sweetener has ever been shown to help people lose weight and keep it off. People who are successful weight losers do not use artificial sweeteners to help them take off weight and keep it off.

 Fruit Salad

 Six Tips to Help You Curb Your Sweet Tooth

You would be better off not wanting high calorie sweets instead of maintaining your sweet addiction by switching to a no calorie or low-calorie replacement. Here are some tips to help you make a change.

  • Eat fresh fruits or fruit salad for desert.

  • Drink fruit juices - unsweetened or mixed half and half with club soda or water

  • Make your own treats. Use half to a third of the amount of sugar indicated in the recipe for muffins, cookies, jams, cakes and pies.

  • Mix plain yogurt with fresh fruit instead of sugary preserves used in fruit flavored yogurt.

  • Eat unsweetened cereals mixed with fruits or raisins instead of sugar.

  • Don’t keep sweets “to have around the house”. By the time the guests arrive, it will all be gone. If you are “dying to have something sweet,” buy one cookie, one small bar of candy, or a mini sweet roll instead of a whole package of something.



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