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Pre-diabetes vs Diabetes Stage 1: And the Winner Is

Whats In the Name?
When I first read Riva Greenberg’s post “The Lie That’s Killing Us: Pre-diabetes” in Huffpost Healthy Living, I was a bit surprised. According to Ms. Greenberg "Recognizing pre-diabetes as “Stage 1” Type 2 Diabetes will get millions more people to take action to stop their diabetes from progressing.”

Blood Glucose Monitor
I thought to myself, what difference will it make if you call it “pre-diabetes” or “diabetes Stage 1”? Clearly, the name changes nothing about your status as a pre diabetic.

As I read on, I kept wondering how it is going to encourage “the nearly 80 million Americans” to do something about their “diabetes stage 1” that they are not doing for their “pre diabetes”? Are they really going to make the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent advanced Type 2 diabetes?”

I totally agree with Ms. Greenberg that we need new strategy. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) may have failed with its campaign to encourage pre diabetics to participate in preventiv…

American Diabetes Association Alert Day®

Are You at Risk?American Diabetes Association Alert Day® is a one-day "wake-up call" asking the American public to take the Diabetes Risk Test to find out if they are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. In 2015, Alert Day will take place on Tuesday, March 24.

The Diabetes Risk Test asks users to answer simple questions about weight, age, family history and other potential risk factors for pre-diabetes or diabetes type 2 . Preventive tips are provided for everyone who takes the test, including encouraging those at high risk to talk with their health care provider.

Although Alert Day is a one-day event, the Diabetes Risk Test is available year-round.

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Why Curbing Your Sweet Tooth Will Help You Kiss Pre-diabetes Goodbye

How Do You Handle Your Sweet Tooth?
I will admit to being  a sugarholic in the not too distant past. However, I could not do that now. Over the past 7 years, I have retrained my taste buds. Now, very  sweet things do not taste as good to me. I am satisfied with just a small amount of sweets if any.

Sweets for teeth by sophie

I am not saying I don’t eat foods with added sugar. I do. My wife, Lynn, distracts me with her baking. However, the goodies I enjoy these days are barely sweetened. They contain only a fraction of the sugar you’ll find in the commercial varieties. Many of these foods, such as candies,  jellies, yogurt with fruit, and soft drinks, are too sweet for my taste now. I have no problem resisting them.

I can see how my kids have become sugaholics. My efforts to impress upon them why I decided to curb my sweet tooth only works sometimes. However, they don’t bring me my favorite chocolate or candy when they come back from a trip as often as they did in the past.
Change Your Tast…

Why I Will Never Eat Processed Food Again

We all eat some processed food. However there is a huge deference between natural food which have been processed in some way such as grinding, juicing, creaming, cutting, slicing, and dicing and chemically processed food.  All of these are “mechanically processed” as opposed to “chemically processed”.

 Maurice Svay-Junk Food

If we pack natural ingredients without adding any chemicals, they remain real food. Once foods are chemically processed, made only from refined ingredients  and artificial substances, we get “processed foods”.

What is unique about processed foods is their lack of nutritional value  and  they are unhealthy.
6 Reasons Why I Stopped Eating Processed Food
1. Processed Food Has a High Amount of Sugar and Fructose Corn Syrup
Sugar and its evil twin, fructose corn syrup, have a bad reputation for being harmful to our health especially when consumed in excess. Besides being empty calories, sugar has no essential nutrients. It only provides us with temporary high energy.

Studies …