Reversing Pre diabetes Naturally: 7 Important Steps to Get You Started

Reversing pre-diabetes naturally represents a whole-body nutritional approach that re-activates the body’s ability to heal itself. This approach stimulates healing, which in turn regenerates the body’s tissues, organs and bodily systems.

When your body is restored to it’s normal healthy functioning, the cause of the disease will resolve on it’s own. This is not a unique approach to pre-diabetes, it applies to other conditions like: allergies, eczema, obesity, diabetes type 2, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and more.

Listed here are recommendations to start you off on your journey.

This should be the first step as far as I’m concerned because this is where you start taking action. Let's get started.
  1. Drink at least 8-10 cups of water of water a day. Water is the ideal drink. Have one glass before meals and one with meals for a great no-calorie filler-upper and digestive helper. if the weather is chilly for cold water, drink it hot with a squirt or two of lemon juice.

  2. Refrain from eating fried or high fat content foods.

  3. Include fresh or cooked vegetables in every meal. vegetables are storehouses of vitamins and minerals and dietary fiber, yet low in calories.

  4. Eat 3-5 fruits a day not all at once or at the end of a meal, have a piece of fruit as a snack. Fruits are mostly sweet and rich in nutrients and are good replacements and cheaper than low-nutrient deserts.

  5. Have one unsugared dairy product per meal.

  6. Eliminate sugar from your diet. Including all foods containing sugar, like cakes and cookies, all varieties of candy and sweets, jelly, and beverages containing sugar including fruit juices.

  7. Lastly, start an eating diary where you’re going to document at least 3 days a week every thing you eat and drink and present it to your dietitian on your next visit.

Overwhelmed? It’s natural and understandable. Remember that you can take small steps to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. start out with eliminating one of two things from your diet. If there’s something that you really like that’s not good for you, start by reducing the amount you use. Eventually you can replace it with healthier choices.


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