Fiber Foods and Weight Loss: Fiber the Filler-Upper

Fiber Foods and Weight Loss

High-carbohydrate meals are good for our weight loss. Before we consume too many calories, starchy foods fill us up with low-calorie fiber foods. Fiber is plant material that cannot be digested by humans. Substantial amounts of fiber are found in all unrefined grains (whole wheat, rye, corn, etc.), dried beans, peas, and all fruits and vegetables. Refined starches contain fiber as well, but much less of it.

Whole Grains

Fiber Foods and Weight Loss: Consume Fewer Calories on A High Fiber Diet

For the most part, foods containing fiber take longer to eat than dairy products and meat. You might spend more time eating, but you actually consume fewer calories on a high fiber foods diet. Fiber takes up space in your stomach and small intestine where it absorbs water. It slows down digestion enough to prolong feelings of satiation. The food is then passed to the large intestine, or the colon, where the fiber works efficiently to eliminate solid wastes without any strain or stress.

 Beans and Legumes

In the colon, bacteria partially digest some of the fiber, producing gasses that may be absorbed by your digestive tract. Most of the fiber though is excreted without contributing any calories. So fiber gives you something for nothing, and eating high fiber foods can help you achieve and maintain a normal weight.

Fiber Foods and Weight Loss: Fiber Increases The Amount of Fat You Excrete

Adding fiber foods to your diet increases the amount of fat you excrete. This may help to prevent heart disease as well as assist in weight loss. Fiber also helps to lower blood cholesterol and maintain blood sugar on a more even keel. Fluctuating blood-sugar levels influence feelings of hunger, irritability, and energy level. High-fiber meals also help you maintain an even state of balance.

In fact, diets rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates are now being routinely prescribed for pre diabetics. Many people are then able to reduce or eliminate their dependence on drugs or insulin to control their blood sugar.

Fruits and Vegetables

 Complex Carbohydrates Improve Your Health and Helps Manage Your Weight

Whether you’re pre diabetic, suffering from high blood pressure,  or overweight, a diet that is high in fiber and complex carbohydrates is your best bet for living a long and healthy life. One by one, leading experts on the nation’s serious diseases are recommending a high-carbohydrate diet as the most health-promoting. Because this diet places less emphasis on meat, convenience foods, and packed snacks, you can save 20 percent to 30 percent on grocery bills.



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