Exercise, A Natural Alternative to Reverse Pre Diabetic Symptoms

Do You Use One of the Important Natural Alternatives to Reverse Pre Diabetes?

The best thing you can do to prevent developing diabetes is exercise, which is one of the most important natural alternatives to reverse pre diabetes. It allows us to enjoy food without gaining weight. Sometimes it is difficult to get myself out of the house for a walk. Even getting on my exercise bike or the Elliptical at the end of day also requires some determination on my part. However, when I am through exercising it feels good; I did a great service for my body and mind.

[caption id="attachment_299" align="aligncenter" width="401"]"Aerobic exercise - public demonstration07" "Aerobic exercise - public demonstration07"[/caption]

Research shows that exercise is crucial to the processing of food in our body; the lack of physical activity is the cause of most chronic diseases. Among them are coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

Exercise is good for us I know. We want to be lean and healthy, but sometimes we need to motivate ourselves. Seeing what happened to my well-being these last 7 years because I stuck to natural alternatives to reverse my pre diabetes is incentive enough for me to get moving.

Physical Activity Boosts our Energy Level

I mentioned this before, my level of energy has increased two fold, I feel a certain clarity that I haven't experienced for a long time, and my memory seem to improve. I'm convinced that it's an accumulation of the changes I made in my lifestyle including physical activity that are responsible for these improvements.

From all the reading I've done it appears that exercise is some sort of stabilizer. Regular physical activity keeps the mechanism in our body that's responsible for balancing the calories we consume and the calories we use in proper working condition. This means that If you choose to be sedentary you're going to gain weight, even if you eat the right foods and you consume the right amount of calories.

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Best Fat Burner

In addition, exercise does more than just burn calories. Physical activity keeps the "engine" our body running which keeps using calories even when we're not exercising. Thus speeding up your metabolism and keeping it there.

As we exercise, we burn fat which turns into muscle, and as we already know muscle uses more calories to sustain itself and increases our BMR (basal metabolic rate), that's the energy our body uses while at rest. So we lose weight and we're leaner, and that's when we start feeling good about ourselves every time we look in the mirror and our blood glucose levels go down.

Long Term Weight Loss

Physical activity is very effective in weight loss, mostly because its main source of energy is body fat. When we lose weight only through a low calorie diet, our body loses mostly muscle and water. As a result, weight loss would ultimately slow down or come to a halt because our body goes into conservation mode and our metabolism slows down.


I believe that exercise is the most effective means of weight loss that's healthy and long term. Sometimes just the addition of physical activity to our life could have a substantial effect on our weight without a diet. I walk every day at least 30 minutes. This last year I've increased my walks to 45 minutes, and sometimes when I'm in the mood even 1 hour.

Make exercise one of your natural alternatives to reverse your pre diabetes. I promise you that within 2-3 weeks you will start seeing and feeling the difference. I lost 2 pounds from the moment I started exercising and cutting down to a minimum my sugar consumption.


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