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Are You Overweight?

Let's Find Out Your Body Mass Index Category.

To find out your Body Mass Index (BMI) you'll need to measure your height and weight yourself. Your BMI category reflects the relationship between your height and weight. The higher your BMI is, the further away you move from a healthy weight. Your chances for health risks increase as well.
Place your height and weight in the BMI Calculator. Make sure to insert Metric or Imperial measurements as indicated.

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When I first determined my BMI, my weight was 207 pounds and my height was 5'11". This meant that I was in the overweight category (25-30 BMI) and not in the healthy weight zone. In order to reach the BMI healthy zone I had to go down to 177 pounds (80 kilos).

My goal was to reduce 30 pounds.  In the beginning I set my goal at 10 pounds. That was the advice I got.  Don't overwhelm myself with a whopping challenge. From what I understood you encounter a plateau every 10-12 weeks when your weight loss comes to a halt. 

That's exactly what happened to me. By this time I succeeded in losing the 10 lbs. and was pretty confident. So the temporary break in weight loss didn't trouble me so much, and I set another 10 lbs. challenge.

[Via: BMI Calculator]


  1. Thanks for this handy tool to determine if overweight. I was pleased to fall into the normal category, but I am not satisfied with my body max index. Working on it. You have a great site here with very helpful information!

  2. […] have told you how to find body mass index (BMI) when we’re checking if you’re overweight. It appears that an awareness of your BMI will help you prevent diabetes.Your body weight index […]


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