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How to Reverse Pre Diabetes Naturally?

Pre diabetes is a diagnosis that's telling us to make a lifestyle change. We can reverse pre diabetes naturally by making changes that will improve our health and eliminate the risk of developing diabetes (Type 2).

I changed my eating habits. I joined that with some physical activity. With a touch of determination, I started losing weight. I felt good about myself and I reduced my blood glucose level. I will share my experience and knowledge with you so you can also reverse pre diabetes naturally.

 Fresh Salad

Our body is able to heal itself. However, sometimes when we neglect our bodies by feeding it the wrong foods, our body doesn't get the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs. As a result, we compromise our body's ability to heal itself.

You have been to the doctor and had your checkup. He informs you that your blood glucose is borderline. My blood glucose was 111 mg/dl on my first checkup. The normal range for blood glucose is 70-100. As long as I keep it lower than 100 mg/dl, I'm fine. As soon as I go over the 100 mark, I'm already pre diabetic.

So what does pre diabetes mean and what's happening in our body now? It means that our body is experiencing dysfunctional glucose metabolism. In other words, the hormone insulin is not working properly.

Normal metabolism is:
  • We eat food

  • The digestion process breaks down the carbohydrate part into simple sugars much of which is glucose (blood sugar).

  • Glucose enters the blood. The pancreas produces insulin to manage the distribution of sugar throughout the body.

  • Insulin opens the doors of the cell for the glucose. Some of the glucose is converted to short-term energy for immediate cell use, and some is stored as long-term energy (fat) for later use.

The food we eat has enormous influence on our health. The right diet not only prevents but also treats diabetes. What then is the "right diet" you ask?  My diet consists of low-fat, high-fiber, and high carbohydrate foods which are preventing the likelihood of diabetes.  If you take any drugs prescribed by your doctor, there is a good possibility that you will get off your drugs too.

My first checkup was in January.  By September:
  • My blood glucose was at 92 mg/dl

  • I succeeded in losing almost 30 pounds

  • I brought my blood pressure down to normal.

I realize that you and I don't have the same metabolism or body structure.  We do have one thing in common, this "magnificent machine" that is our body. If you start feeding it the right foods and exercise it, your body will start rewarding you.   You will become healthier, have more energy,  get rid of excess weight ,and reverse pre diabetes in the process.

It's that simple.


  1. Shlomo,
    You make a very good point about the correlation between our weight and pre-diabetes. I think so many times a pre-diabetes or diabetes diagnosis is the wake up call that many of us need, but I hate that we aren't as motivated to lose weight for health reasons until the diagnosis makes it real. Thanks for sharing your journey and inspiring the rest of us!


  2. Yeah, I guess only when it touches you and you see the numbers you act. But, even then many people keep ignoring it.

  3. I have seen so many examples of people who ate wrong, received bad news from their doctor, then became determined enough to reverse pre diabetes naturally. They ate right, they exercised, and they reversed their problem. The key, however, is that they were determined.

  4. You are right. What I found to be the most important thing for me, is to maintain what I accomplished. It's so easy to get back to where you were, which I guess translates to determenation.


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